AirSoap Air Purifier Kills Viruses That HEPA Filters Can’t

Looking for practical and efficient ways to ensure indoor air quality? Then you’ve got an array of options out there. From air purifiers to ionizers to ozone machines, all these units are great in their own ways. Today, the AirSoap Air Purifier is the new song in the market.

In conformity with PhoneSoap’s sanitation theme, the company has introduced this device that comes with more innovative features than other HEPA filters.

In recent years, the air purifier market is extremely competitive. Regardless, the AirSoap Air Purifier has taken up the challenge to outsmart other models. It’s powerful and employs a new approach to purifying and cleaning the air.

Even better, this exceptional machine has the capability to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and airborne viruses. Its performance is equivalent to that of quality hospital-grade UV air cleaners.

And that being an impressive claim, we would want to know what’s special about this product. Let’s curate whether this AirSoap portable Air Purifier is worth your hard-earned cash.

Main Features of AirSoap

Electric Wind Technology

One of its unique features is the so-called ‘Electric Wind System’ that creates the high-energy plasma field. It’s so effective to kill the bacteria when air mass passes through it. Not only that but it also sanitizes the air by removing and reducing tiny particles like dander, pollen, and dust mites.

This is pretty great as it lets you enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, especially during allergy season. Accordingly, the technology is backed by reusable collection plates. These plates collect undesired particles and particulate matter.

AirSoap Air filter’s graphene plates are washable and reusable. Unlike other air purifiers that clog over time, they can still be substantial even if left unchanged for long. Airsoap is extremely energy efficient – hence keeping your air clean is achievable without wasting much power.

Grid-Style Outflow Vent

The grid-style outflow vent at the top of the air purifier is so detrimental. It makes sure that clean and healthy air gets evenly distributed in your room. But to appreciate the best performance, it’s advisable to position your AirSoap Air Purifier in an open area.

With that, the inflow vents will be free from obstructions. Plus, this allows the outflow vent to provide the outstanding possible air distribution. The black color on the top panel creates an amazing contrast to the rest of the machine.


The Airsoap meets a vital standard for household utilities. The electric wind system helps to increase airflow while spinning the automated fan quieter and slower than comparable HEPA Filter-based systems.

Many powerful devices that feature filters allows loud and disruptive home environment. But this new version forces enough air through filters at medium speeds. After all, the maximum speed provides 58dB of noise. This is another win for Airsoap.

Overall Design

If you’re considering a standard mid-sized model, the Airsoap is second to none. Measuring 21.06-inch tall, 10.25-inch wide and 10.6-inch deep, this air purifier is portable. Moreover, the air intakes well-located on the back and sides to offer an eccentric, bar graph-style design.

Most importantly, the construction is sturdy ABC plastic, with a white finish that’s effortless to keep clean. Designed with handles on both sides, you can carry it around with you hassle-free. You may not need to carry it very often, nonetheless, it’s a magnificent option when the quest calls.

Everyday Use

Thankfully, the Air Purifier is easy to set up and operate. Featuring a single button, you can cycle through 4 different modes. The fan speed will depend on your air quality around you. In Auto Mode, the fan will speed up when air quality is not convincing and vice versa.

This provides a balance between effectiveness and energy efficiency. If you want manual control, then you can set and adjust the fan speed to different modes (low, medium, high).

If you want to activate the device’s child lock, hold the button for around 5 seconds. This will prevent the activation by mistake by an inquisitive person or child. To reactivate just hold the last button for 5 seconds.

The AirSoap is very safe to use. Other traditional ionizers are known to produce a large amount of ozone, but this unit produces only 10 parts/billion of ozone.

Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about costly replacement filters. AirSoap’s earth-friendly tech uses reusable, washable, graphene plates to effectively purify the home’s air while saving you money.

What Does The AirSoap Remove?

Engineered with an Electric Wind system, AirSoap kills bacteria and viruses. It’s not limited to that only but it also captures the pollutants and eliminates particulates. These are significant benefits that make it a winner against other reputable HEPA filters. Don’t let your home turn into a bacteria colony. It’s the best air purifier for home.

How to Use AirSoap

Setting up this air purifier is not difficult. You just have to add the filter, connect the power source and you are good to go. To help you get started, Phonesoap has created a video guide. Please watch it for a better understanding.

  • Washable and reusable graphene plates
  • Easy to operate
  • Super quiet for household utilities
  • Portable design
  • Powerful and effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Removes viruses and bacteria

Bottom Line

So, is this snazzy-looking device worthy your every penny? As for most electronic devices, it depends on the user’s needs. The AirSoap Air Purifier is designed with Electric Wind Technology to move a large volume of clean air. If you’re finding it tough to clean the bacteria and viruses in the air, this unit is an ideal choice.

It’s fairly compact, easy to use, and purifiers up to 400 square feet. Use the air purifier while you’re sleeping – it will produce a quiet background whir. Indeed, this comforting environment is something that everyone would like. Watch the hands-on review video of AirSoap by GottaBeMobile below.